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The goal of routine fitness equipment preventive maintenance is to keep your gym equipment working at its best.

The fitness machine technicians at Gym Repair Pros want you to use your gym equipment and when you regularly work out on your fitness equipment, the internal parts such as: the treadmill walking belts, treadmill motor drive belts and strength equipment cables eventually wear.  But with the proper gym equipment and treadmill “Maintenance Plan” you can extend the lifespan of your fitness equipment and spend less on repairing and more time enjoying your treadmill, bike, elliptical, stepper, strength machine or other pieces of cardio fitness equipment.

We put together a few tips you can use to keep your gymand fitness equipment running in peak performance.  A regularly scheduled preventative service maintenance, with our In-home Treadmill Repair Maintenance Plan should include at a minimum:  semi-annually service, if it is in a residential home gym. For a commercial facility such as schools, condos, fitness centers or where your fitness equipment will receive high usage, then it needs constant attention:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually

Most fitness equipment manufacturers – recommend specific preventive maintenance activities whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually to extend the life of your treadmill or gym equipment, reduce risk, reduce costs and provide the best running experience to the end-user. 

  • These include:
    • Clean all surfaces. A dry towel works best to clean the treadmill running belt and deck, while a damp lint-free cloth works great on the touch screen. While you’re at it ensure the treadmill safety lanyard is still connected properly, the power cord is not damaged, and the treadmill is sitting level on the floor. It’s also ideal to unplug the treadmill from the wall, plug it back in and ensure the treadmill still turns on and off. Check all strength machine cables for a sign of wear, (striped plastic from the cable will expose the metal and will rust and lead to a broken gym cable and possibly hurt the user)
  • Monthly
    • Clean all surfaces. Use a towel to clean the treadmill’s running belt and a small bristle brush to clean the motor drive belt and pulley.
    • Visually inspect the treadmill running deck and walking belt to make sure they are in good condition.
    • Check all nuts, bolts, and other fasteners and adjust them accordingly.
    • Check all bushings, fittings, and weldments where required.
    • Check all wires, cables, and contact points where required.
    • Vacuum the floor underneath the treadmill to ensure no foreign objects impair the traction or stability of the treadmill. again inspect all strength machines for worn gym cables and lubricate the weight stack guide rods with a silicone-based lubricant (never use WD40 on fitness equipment as it will eat away at the metal)
  • Quarterly
    • Check the tension, tracking, and alignment of the treadmill running belt and motor drive belt.
    • Check the front and rear rollers.
    • Remove the hood and vacuum inside the motor housing and motor controller fan to remove any dust or foreign objects.
    • Record the odometer reading, perform any needed treadmill console software updates, and check the owner’s manual for any suggested product-specific maintenance at a certain mileage.

  • Semi-annually
    • Lubricate the treadmill deck surface according to the manufacturer’s specs and recommended silicone treadmill lubricant.
    • Check, calibrate and lubricate the treadmill lift motor.
    • Check the walking belts for any signs of wear if necessary.
    • Check the owner’s manual for any suggested product-specific maintenance at a certain mileage.

Preventative maintenance is important because the proper maintenance of fitness equipment will ensure a safer workout and maximize the life of the fitness equipment.

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